Artistic Statement

Sara Fox

As an artist I pride myself in incorporating artistry into my everyday routine. I move and groove through every moment. I embrace the change around me and use it as a lesson to help me grow and mature as an artist. Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is a matra I always say to myself.

When given the ability, I take a movement and mold it into my own. Seeing how I can add my own signature groove. The most powerful thing an artist can do is master their craft, show off what makes them unique to the audience. Growing up I was always told that in order for myself to stand out as an artist I needed to play to my strengths, I didn’t know what that meant, or what my strengths were, but as I have gotten older and have had the opportunity to learn from a plethora of artists, I feel that I have taken bits and pieces of information from each of them and added it to my toolbox. A skill that I can pull out and use to my advantage, to show the audience my strengths and uniqueness as an artist. 

I love intricate dynamic movements inspired by music that I listen to. I love the physicality of dancing. The sweat and exhaust of my body pushes me to move stronger and harder rather than give in to the exhaust. Countering this though, I like the feeling of floating and soaring through the air landing without a thud. I like imagining that I am moving through molasses and using that imagery to slow down and physically exhaust my muscles to move, creating a different dynamic. The possibilities are endless, that is why I love dance.